What We Offer

We strive to offer the healthiest, most delicious farm fresh eggs. We also breed the friendliest, healthiest & most adorable Registered American Mini Piglets. We pride ourselves in making chemical free, homemade products for your home.



With over 60 egg layers & different breeds, we are able to provide you with an assortment of delicious, healthy multi colored eggs. We pride ourselves on providing our hens with 10 acres to free range & they always have access to layer feed from the local mill. They have multiple watering stations which are filled to the brim with cool water. Contact us to get yours today!

 Dixie May & her babies born 8/29/16

Dixie May & her babies born 8/29/16

american mini piglets

As a Registered Breeder with the American Mini Pig Association & a Certified Breeder with Mini Pig Breeders, Inc., you have the peace of mind knowing that you will be getting a healthy mini piglet with realistic expectation of size. There is no such thing as a "teacup" "micro mini" or "micro" piglet. These terms are marketing ploys made by "breeders." We encourage you to read through the American Mini Pig Association Website & join the group Mini Pig Education on Facebook. Both have a wealth of information about American Mini Pigs. Our Babies usually go quickly so contact us to inquire about a piglet or if you'd like to get on our waiting list.


homemade products

We offer a variety of homemade products that includes whipped body butter, sugar body scrubs, detangler spray, chapstick, aromatherapy roll-on relief, bug spray, and much, much more! All of our products are chemical free.