Available Piglets


available piglets

All piglets will be up to date on shots, started on potty training, socializing & will go home with a care package. Under no circumstance will we allow a piglet to go home before weaning. 

Our males are *NOT* neutered "farm style," where they are awake, a small incision is made & their testes taken out. Our vet puts them under, so that they do not feel the pain, and does it correctly, which not only is better for the piglet, but they also tie the inguinal ring so that there is no risk for herniation in the future.

To see what piglets we have available, please click on the highlighted text below:

*Daisy’s Litter Born 5.17.19 / DISCOUNTED! : CLICK HERE

*Belle’s Litter Born 7.7.19 / DISCOUNTED! : CLICK HERE

*Merida’s Litter Born 9.18.19 : CLICK HERE

*Ariel’s Litter Born 9.20.19 : CLICK HERE

CURRENT AS OF 10.10.19