Our Parent Piggies



Olive Oyl

Olive is our matriarch; our first mini piglet. Michael got her for Loni in 2012 for her birthday. She is the sweetest pig around & knows a variety of tricks! Mom Loni's favorite happens to be how she gives kisses! Olive is a very laid back piggy, a trait we strive for here in our breeding program.



We were given Panda from our breeder mentor as we loved her conformation & the babies she throws are to die for! Panda was born in April of 2010.


Dixie may

Born in December 2013, our beautiful Dixie May has an  amazing temperament & short nose is exactly what we are striving for in our breeding program.


Ginger Rose

Ginger is our shy, sweet girl. Her amazing temperament & small stature makes her a sweet mother & a great pig. She brings a beautiful "ginger" coloring to our program. Ginger was born on October 1, 2014 & as of August 23, 2016 is 11 inches tall & 18 inches long. 




Luna is our sassy girl and is the leader of the pack. She is a sucker for belly rubs and once you hit her sweet spot, she will melt into the ground and onto her back for all the belly rubs you can handle! Luna brings the beautiful dark black coloration to our program. Luna was born in January of 2014 & as of August of 2016, is 13 inches tall & 21 inches long. 


Baloo - Our Resident Boar

Loving, docile, friendly - and has amazing lineage!