"I have to say how very grateful I am to have found the Kost family farm. Not only did I get an amazing piglet from them (Oliver Nelson) but they have helped me through the entire process of being a first time pig owner. My baby is extremely healthy, very well socialized and beautiful. This family has been open to all of my many questions, and make themselves available for the life of your pig. Your started off on the right hoof with all the support you could need. I will definitely come back should I ever be in search of another baby. The Kost family is honest and has healthy parents on site. There is no guessing or misinformation, if they don't know they find out through a reputable veterinary and their babies can all be registered with the American mini pig association. This is a sincere family that truly cares about their pigs and how they will fit into your family. I highly recommend The Kost Family Farm for your future family member."  Anna  ❤."Anna

"We love our little guy Oscar. Today marks 1 week he has been with us. He is so full of personality including being a grouch at times but Loni and family have been so helpful. They reply back to messages usually within 24hrs to questions we have had." Angela

"Phenomenal family. They made sure they communicated with us up to day of pick up. They had Penelope litter trained and starting socializing. She's now our Lil baby girl." Tyler D.

"We have had our Penelope almost a year now. She is such a blessing to our family and she is such a joy. Life would not be the same without her." Rachael

"We have received three mini pigs from The Kost Family Farm. We got our first two as additions to our hobby farm in September of 2015. They are siblings. They share a heated barn with two dwarf goats. We were very new to the hobby farm world. We have had several questions along the way to which Loni and Michael have always been there for, usually within minutes of asking. The Kost Family Farm is a place where you can tell the animals are all well cared for. They exhibit a love of family, and this includes their animals. So it was an obvious choice that we returned to their farm in September 2016 to bring another mini pig to our farm, but this time she was to be a house pet. Loni and Michael have been instrumental in helping making this a successful endeavor. Having a pig in your home is a lot of work and requires patience. Just when you think you have it figured out a new obstacle appears. From day one we have been told that The Kost Family Farm will be there for us for the life of our babies. It is reassuring to know you have a safety net. From easy to difficult issues we have always received helpful, useful, real advice. I highly recommend The Kost Family Farm. Their love of all animals great and small is evident and you will feel as if you have known them for years after one visit. I feel very blessed to have them on this journey with us. Thank you Loni and Michael." Becky

For more references or to speak to one of our customers feel free to send us a message. We also have a private Facebook group you may request to join : The Kost Family Pig Pen.